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Meet Coleen

Coleen Janeway is a beauty expert, writer, culinary alchemist and plant based skin food chef. Former owner of her own award winning medical spa, she has had the opportunity to advise, oversee, and develop other successful beauty and wellness brands globally. Coleen has been in the business of health and wellness long enough to understand what is hype and what is truth, she cuts through the confusing glittery mess and peels back the layers of the superficial to reveal what is real and effective, helping her clients set and achieve attainable goals by simplifying food and skincare. Through her workshops, retreats and writing, she demonstrates a restorative lifestyle to achieve the best version of one's self.

After years of troubleshooting and personal research, she was constantly discovering so much of what we are told and marketed about food or skincare was just flat-out wrong. Ingredients are not necessarily pure (possibly even harmful), the quality may be less than what should one would expect. Since Coleen had been suffering with an autoimmune disease that took four years and multiple doctors to diagnose, she felt dismayed and confused by the information out there. When she finally got to the root of her own diagnosis, she thought to herself, healing oneself should not have to be so complicated since most of what causes the body to inflame or become irritated is generally related to something ingested or topically applied to the skin. Coleen felt the need to share her story and more importantly share just how easy it is to see big changes in your skin and body with small adjustments regularly.

Life gets complicated and old habits can set in. Now is exactly the time to learn new and exciting things to help slow our body’s natural aging process and create longevity in the lifestyles we lead by preparing the body for optimal health through easy changes.

The initial inspiration for SkinFoodBodyLove came to Coleen while working with the wonderful health coach and author, Neil Cannon (“The Vitality Secret”). Neil and Coleen collaborated on several video features to provide his audience with easy choices for diet and food preparation. Together, they showed how proper eating could address skin conditions and help reduce inflammation in our bodies. Thus, SkinFoodBodyLove was born!

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