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Worry free vacation skincare, simple easy steps for beautiful skin

Worry free vacation skincare, simple easy steps for beautiful skin

Carefree lifestyle sounds great, but when traveling carefree should we sacrifice our beauty and wellness regimen?  If you are committed to taking care of your skin and wellbeing, your daily routine should not be sacrificed. Simply put, just consider what skincare can address your needs more efficiently.  

When we travel our skin can react negatively to environmental and  dietary changes. Taking charge and getting ahead of the this will help you maintain glowing skin throughout your adventures.  I get asked this question frequently.  “So what do you travel with?” or “yea, but you must have tons of products with you to make your skin look like that”  the answer is no, I generally only have a few items with me. I love traveling with as little as possible because it’s so easy to pack up and go.  This was not always the case, my habits and lifestyle have been adjusted without really sacrificing any performance products for my skin or face.

So let's get to it! How does one travel and look great.  BASICS is the first place to start.  Consider the following prior to packing: location of travel, length of stay, atmosphere of where you will be staying or touring.  Knowing these key facts will help you pack most efficiently when it comes to skin and body care. I talk about the face and body because you should take care of both.  Your skin is your largest organ, it deserves a little love each day.

Warm weather travel is our topic for the purpose of this post.  As this spring weather heats up simple items are what we should be considering.  Travel puts a great deal of stress on our bodies.  Hydration is the key to an optimal functioning body and if you did not know, drinking plenty of water while traveling will help cleanse your body and flush toxins; keeping your skin not only hydrated but perhaps blemish free.  How we pack our skincare and makeup can also play a role in what will happen to your skin while you are away.  Are you packing clean brushes for your makeup? Are you storing your brushes and applicators in a breathable travel pack?  Will your makeup and skincare stored in any extreme temperatures? Bacteria loves warm moist locations. Store only clean dry brushes and applicators in breathable zip bags. Be careful not to carry your daily makeup in your beach bag or leave it in your car.  Direct sun or heat is never good for your products.

Now that you're in the mindset of how to begin your packing it makes sense to think about your skin and what your expectations will be while you are away and traveling.  Say you are headed to a tropical isle where the humidity is very high, or to a desert climate where the sun is beaming and there is no humidity. Out of a trio of products, there would be one in particular I might suggest you change.  I like to take only 4 items for my face while I am away: PH Balancing cleanser, active serum (mostly one that would lighten and brighten), moisture for day and night and last but not least a great full spectrum sunblock (tinted).  Guys can use the tinted formulation I use because it blends into your skin and is not detectable.

About the fab four items: Non stripping and balancing cleansers help cellular turnover and should be used day and night. Light washing and gentle rinsing with warm water should do the trick just nicely.  Remember when I mentioned the two extreme climates before? Keep in mind that hydration is key even in the most humid of climates too. Protip: Hydrated skin is less likely to show signs of fine lines and wrinkles.  Active serums are just that - active ingredients going to work on healing inflammation, restoring skins luminous look and feel, while repairing internal and external oxidative stress. A simple but necessary step in a complete beauty routine. In choosing serums it’s important to consider what your needs may be while on your adventure.  Serums are like supplements for the exterior of the face. Make sure your picking the right one for you, not all are created equal. Moisture is the third step in creating a fool proof beauty regime. The importance of moisture is to help maintain healthy skin. Applying the right moisture to your skin before sun protection or makeup, and it will aide in a flawless application as well as; it will help your skin maintain it’s lipid barrier to stay moist and protected throughout your travel.

Sun protection is a huge dilemma, I know some of you just use your face make up with a small SPF.  While this is ok, it is not giving you maximum protection against sun damage, skin cancers and general aging.  Collagen is no friend to the suns rays, it takes no time for the sun to break down our precious collagen in our faces, something we have to work twice as hard at to get it back.  I recommend a full spectrum of 30 or 50 SPF.  There are many on the market that go on the skin beautifully and act as a great primer to your make up.  Some even have awesome tints so they can be worn alone. Invest, and use this every day. Your face will thank you.  Hats and glasses are always a great addition to your anti-aging regime. Mix it up and have some fun. Waterproof sunscreens are great, but some can have harsh chemicals.  Check your labels and find out what is best for you and the environment you are traveling in. I try to be conscious of our planet when headed to a body of water or scuba diving.  Luckily, there are so many great choices of safe, natural and organic sunblocks I am sure there will be one to fit your needs.

Here is what I took on my recent trip to Joshua Tree- a desert climate:

For my Face

Prescribed Solutions, Starting up Face Cleanser-

This gently foaming gel wash is loaded with antioxidants. Two exfoliating acids, AHA and Salicylic Acid help eliminate excess oil and slough away rough, dead skin cells. Soothing botanicals help calm skin and Lutein helps neutralize free radicals. Ideal for normal-to-oily skin types.

Prescribed Solutions, A Bolt of Lightning-

This powerful blend of lightening agents can help reduce hyper-pigmentation due to aging and can help brighten the skin.

Cream No Sugar-

(I use both day and night) This luxurious cream moisturizes the skin while helping to repair and protect against glycation damage. Glycation damage comes from sugars within our diet that can attack healthy skin cells causing skin to look sallow and yellowed. This night cream helps repair and replenish skin for a youthful appearance.

Up the Anti-

This formula physically blocks UVA/UVB and visible rays to help prevent sunburn, photo damage, freckling and uneven coloration. Up the Anti® is a light, but effective formula that leaves a warm, slight bronze sun kissed tint on the skin. This product cannot be boosted because of the container.

For my Body:

Cannabliss Organic Bliss Body Oil-

This all-natural, luxurious body oil hydrates and nourishes skin cells leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing. Full spectrum hemp oil combined with a blend of Korean herbs and essential oils works to replenish and restore moisture, retain youthful tone and texture, and protects from environmental damage.  Cannabliss Organic products work to correct your skin imbalances, making them good for all skin types! use code: SFBLove15 for a 15% discount off all products.

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