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Where Your Garden Grows, The Valley Of The Moon

Where Your Garden Grows, The Valley Of The Moon

Known for it's rich valleys of citrus. Ojai is much more than what meets the eye.  A community of stewards who watch over its majestic lands, an artist haven and most certainly a sacred escape for those seeking this type of mystical experience.

One year ago I made the move from the bustling city of Venice Beach, CA to one of Ventura county's most vibrant smaller towns Ojai, CA. The change of pace was immediate, the stress and everyday annoyances began to disappear from my radar in a way that allowed my senses to come alive.  Always being a nature and animal lover it made sense for me to take this leap to country life, after all I wanted to be nearer to nature, cultivate my own gardens to my hearts content.  More importantly, I wanted to breathe and take note of my life and what manifestations I wanted from this move and this life. 

Food has always been my love language and I have been busy working out the details of how I will share with you this passion.  Skin Food Body Love was created from this fire in my belly, the desire to record my workshops, recipes, knowledge about anti-inflammatory foods to create, youthful and ageless skin.  I am excited to share, this journey to Ojai has gifted me many great opportunities and friends who have inspired me to host the most epic wellness retreat in Joshua Tree. A first of many. Save the dates: May 15-17th a link will be posted in March - keep an eye out!

Traveler, foodie, wine enthusiast you will love our little sacred valley. Ojai is situated in a small east-west eponymous valley, north of Ventura and east of Santa Barbara. The city is approximately 745 feet (227 m) above sea level and is bordering the Los Padres National Forest to the north. 

Here are a few of my favorite things:




Farmer's Market..

Grateful to share these experiences with you and thrilled to be living in this sweet town. This country girl can not complain.  Best of both worlds, yet many mystic moons away! 

Cheers to your good health,


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