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Transitional SKIN, REWilding, Connection and Fall Full Pisces Moon Feels

Transitional SKIN, REWilding, Connection and Fall Full Pisces Moon Feels

Friends August was a whirlwind of activity, emotion and feeling a bit behind the ball. Did you experience this too? Speaking as a generally organized and thoughtful person, I certainly had too much on my plate to enjoy this summer fully. While I don't recommend or hope you had a similar experience, what I do want to share is how I stayed centered and grounded during this time of enormous change and self - evolution.

Food heals, I know I always say this but it is true.  For some it is the ritual of food, for some it is about food being the fuel of life.  I hold both of those thoughts as my one source for feeling whole and fulfilled.  Because this year has been packed and busy I have not stopped cooking, but I did do something about the way I prepped and prepared food during my limited time. You know what? Surprisingly my stress level went down and the anxiety of eating became less and less.  I set a personal goal to consider my meals and what I prepared for my family and in this scenario I decided time with everyone was more important than fancy meals.  NOT TO SAY my summer was spent with bland and uninteresting food but quite the opposite! I began to get inspired to use fresh and quick recipes to help keep our summertime meals interesting. In my next email I will share a few quick one pot meals to add to your fall family table.

You know what I also discovered during this summer the feeling of my skin transitioning from a super dry climate to one filled with humidity and intense heat. NOT FUN FOLKS...not going to lie, nowadays because of utilizing my medical grade skincare for the most part I love my skin.  The different climate change did me in this summer!  I had to search my own tool chest to remediate my skins inflammation and understand how I could help it adjust to the humid, hot change I would be spending many months in.  

A little known product I hardly ever mention but is a godsend for those times of stress Control Tactics by Prescribed Solutions - this neurocosmetic soothing and daily sensitive skin gel REALLY helps irritated, inflamed skin.  Morning and night this simple gel will alleviate problematic skin and repair blemishes rapidly.

Add Tensage Radiance Eye Cream to hide those tired eyes, repair fine lines and wrinkles and Up the Anti SPF 30 sun protection designed to firm, provide anti-oxidants and more moisture. This trifecta of products will help to soothe your skin, repair damage and bring back the radiance you are seeking. 

Coming into Fall we need to remember to stay grounded and pay attention to our intention. What are our desires, can we simplify and step out of routine? Express love and understanding freely to those who deserve our attention. Most of all absorb all the wonderful vibes from this Pisces Full Moon. Check out @magic_of_1 instagram for amazing intuitive readings. Kerry offers some really great insights.

Finally, many of you know I love to lift up and recognize those who excel as humans and today on this full moon I want to recognize someone who I have watched grow as an entrepreneur and as a friend, mother and boss babe.  Jess is an amazing creator and I could not have made it through this year or the past two (LOL) with out her incredible products.  PRODUCT highlight - SLEEPY is definitely a favorite.  If you know you know! 

Sending you all the best for a wonderful remainder of 2021. Cheers to your good health,



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