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Top 5 Natural Mushroom Supplements You Should Add To Your Diet

Top 5 Natural Mushroom Supplements You Should Add To Your Diet

Our natural mushroom supplements include a variety of the most effective and highly researched ingredients. While many of these mushrooms are known for their immune system boosting and anti-aging effects, each one has its own benefits and unique history of use. Not only have organic mushrooms been used for thousands of years due to their immense health benefits, they are now being researched by top scientists around the world. The benefits of these mushrooms is so widely agreed upon and researched that even the FDA has come forward to back them.

Lion’s Mane is one of our favorite ingredients in most natural mushroom supplements (including our own)! The use of Lion’s Mane as a supplement can be traced back to Ancient China, and has gained a lot of traction in the modern world. The list of benefits from using this natural ingredient is neverending. Lion’s Mane has been scientifically tested and proven to help in a range of issues, from weight loss to cancer prevention. It is even known to improve cognitive function and be a neurological protective, among many other benefits.

Another common ingredient in natural mushroom supplements is one called Reishi, also known as “The Mushroom of Immortality”. Similar to Lion’s Mane, the use of the rare Reishi mushroom can be traced back as far as 4000 years, where it was reserved only for royalty. Reishi mushroom are a natural antioxidant and immune system buffer. It can lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, detoxify your body, and is well known for its anti-aging effects.

As odd as the name sounds, Turkey Tail is a top ingredient in the natural mushroom supplements. No, we are not talking about a real live Turkey. We are referring to what is called the Turkey Tail Mushroom, and is one of the most researched mushrooms around due to its known benefits. Not only does it aid in the bodies’ natural functions, the Turkey Tail Mushroom is known to help combat diseases ranging from breast cancer to HPV. Turkey Tail extract is even currently being tested by the FDA on cancer patients due to its immune system boosting effects.

The next ingredient we love is known as Chaga. Chaga is one of those rare gems known as a superfood. It is nutrient dense, containing minerals, vitamins, and a large dose of antioxidants. The effects of Chaga range from lowering cholesterol and blood sugar to preventing and fighting cancer by specifically targeting cancer cells and boosting the immune system while not attacking healthy cells.

Last but not least on our list of benefits from the ingredients in our organic mushroom supplements is Cordyceps, dubbed the “Medical Mushroom”. Similar to the other mushrooms on our list, the use of Cordyceps can be traced back many years and is now being highly researched. The known benefits of Cordyceps include boosting exercise performance, helping manage Type 2 Diabetes, improving heart health, improve liver function, and fight respiratory infections.

Coleen Janeway is a beauty expert, writer, editor and skinfood chef. Among formerly owning her own medical spa and overseeing other successful wellness brands and medical practices in Los Angeles, she has been in the business of health and wellness long enough to understand what is hype and what is truth. Ms. Janeway cuts through the confusing, glittery mess and peels back the layers of superficial to reveal what is real and effective, in turn helping her clients set and achieve attainable goals by simplifying food and skincare.

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