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20 something skin - why now? does skincare matter?

20 something skin - why now? does skincare matter?

I am in my 20’s - does skin care matter?

tips and tricks of youthful skin by Coleen Janeway, skincare and beauty expert.

Is your age relevant in your skincare?

Yes, taking our cue from the physiology of the human body we should all look at skincare by numbers.

It’s hard to know when you’re in your 20’s what damage you may or may not be doing to your skin.  At my past life as a clinic director and founder of very busy medical spa, we would see 20 somethings often for not only acne, but dehydrated and neglected skin.  While a younger person does have a quicker cellular turnover rate, the way in which they maintain their skin daily is still definitely a factor.

Cleansing daily is foremost the most important recommendation here. Washing too much can create more sebum (oil) production so be careful to not cleanse too much.  A light wash with a glycolic additive or salicylic can be used once a day.  Try to moisturize with a light oil free cream or gel depending on skin type. Education and consultations are the best way to understand the challenges you might be having with your skin.  

A question many ask, does skin type really matter? Yes - skin type matters too!  Wait, are you the girl who touches your face too?? Oh boy- consider your habits and how you may want to change your skin routine.  Seek a professional for advice.

The should NOT’s

  • Touching your face - germs + fingers = breakouts
    • Clean your electronic devices often if near your face
  • Check your makeup habits
    • clean makeup brushes make all the difference
    • don’t share your make-up
    • use it or toss it (make up just like other perishable items it does have a shelf life)
    • keep makeup in a cool dark place (don’t leave it to hang out in your HOT car)
    • makeup sponges should not be stored in a ziplock, wash and allow to dry completely
    • Make-up bags should be breathable and sanitary

Yes Please - Do this

  • Gentle everyday cleansing is best (look for cleaners with PH balancing properties)
  • Treat skin with serums (skins needs change - serums are designed to treat)
  • Moisturize - daily at least twice a day
  • Protect, protect, protect - this is the difference between aging gracefully and decreasing the early signs of aging OR aiding in the formation of wrinkles and sun damage, as well as preventing sun damage or most of all the silent killer of many young people yearly skin cancer!  Believe it - do the research!

What can you do to make a difference in your 20’s?  

Maintenance works wonders, think of doing regular cleansing customised and tailored to your skin type. Regular visits to your skin care specialist can also guide you in the right direction. Careful choices of products applied to your skin will most certainly help to tone, balance and moisturize resulting in smoother texture and a glowy complexion.  

Protection is key to aging.  Why invest in creams and serums and treatments if you don’t use a great sun protectant with full spectrum UVA/UVB and Infrared protection.  Literally everything you do will be reversed by the sun’s damage and not to mention the risk of skin cancer.  Seeing your Dermatologist or skin care specialist at least once a year is key.  Knowledge is power.

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