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Sexy Belly - Bloat No More

Sexy Belly - Bloat No More

Hey beauty babes anyone struggling with bloating or water retention?  

How can we avoid this annoying occurrence happening in our bodies:

Are you a soda drinker or chewing gum enthusiast?

One easy way to get rid of any unwanted bloat is by completely avoiding carbonated drinks and chewing gum. Carbonated drinks and gum can both cause belly distention, mainly because of the extra air you ingest while chewing your gum or drinking those sugary sodas.  

Besides causing distention, removing the additional sugar and sodium from your daily intake will most certainly have a positive effect on your skin. Closer to that radiant glow we all try so hard to achieve.  As an added bonus of removing sodas from your daily intake, you can be sure you will begin to see a few pounds shed off too!

I am the first one to admit I love juice, smoothies, and lots of veggies and even some select and occasional beans, but did you know to stay away from beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower when you're needing an extra bit of flat tummy?

Even though they are super healthy and good for you, too many raw cruciferous vegetables can cause stomach bloat. The same goes for fresh pressed juices. I know right! Juice can cause some bloating in the stomach, especially if it is high in sugar.

So what can you eat or drink?


Good old fashioned water is a great place to start.  Not only will it hydrate you and make your skin radiant, it will help to flush out any toxins your body may be storing.

Minty Goodness-

Mint is a natural deflater, mint tea is known to improve digestion, reduce pain, and eliminate inflammation. It relaxes the body and mind, cures bad breath, aids in weight loss and boosts the immune system.

Medicinal Greens and Roots are a great option for bloating-

Dandelion greens are another great choice for getting rid of extra belly bloat. You can enjoy them juiced, sautéed in soup or even drink them as a tea or tonic.

Other pro-tip bloat busters: Cucumbers have an anti-inflammatory effect, and potassium-rich foods like Avocado, Kiwi and Pistachios, help to balance electrolytes in the body so you can naturally de-bloat, and Watermelon and Asparagus, are natural diuretics. Regulate and moderate for a better belly, a sexy and happier you.

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