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LA's best kept cosmetic secrets Q&A with a top cosmetic specialist

LA's best kept cosmetic secrets Q&A with a top cosmetic specialist

Dr. Shawn Abrishamy of Clear Medical, is a Dermatology and Skin Specialist, interviewed by Coleen Janeway, beauty and wellness expert.

Do you think LA has a unique culture around “Toxins” - Botox, Dysport, Xeomin? (Or, to put it another way: how do you think getting these treatments in LA is different from getting Botox anywhere else?)

"Absolutely, what's great about Botox and other toxins is the possibilities you have to correct or prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  There are so many options, Those stubborn 11’s, Crows Feet, Upper lip treatment, Gummy Smile.  We get excited when we can do these advanced techniques and see amazing results and happy patients.  I think LA is ahead of the curve on preventative treatments such as these."

What should we know about Toxins before we try it for the first time?

"Many people seek the advice of friends or the internet before trying such treatments.  I caution each individual experience is different and their body and facial structure will react in its own way.  With this said, Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are very stable products that is used virtually every day by so many in our industry.  With an experienced aesthetics doctor you should see the results you desire.  One important note for all patients whether 1st time or repeat, lines that have already formed and are etched into the skin may only soften not completely be eradicated. This is why preventative measures should be taken to alleviate such initial formation."

What’s the most common question you get from your patients?

Our most frequently asked question about toxins would be, “how long will the treatment last?”  We typically tell patients 3-6 months.  Each person is different and their metabolism rate varies so the time the product will last can sometimes vary each time you get it.  Additionally, looking "Frozen" is a concern many have, this is why we tailor each treatment to each individual, a good example would be "I like my wrinkles, but can you just soften them", we suggest to those patients just softening them and not fully correcting if that is what is desired.

The most unusual question you’ve ever gotten from a patient was….

"There are no unusual questions in the world of aesthetics, we welcome all questions and concerns.  Addressing the concerns of our patients is paramount to our mission here at Clear Medical. I inject my patients personally and address all pertinent concerns and help the patient feel comfortable about what we are going to treat, being conservative is always best as you can always add more product at a later time."

Any advice for people who are considering injections, but don't love needles?

Yes, when it comes to Botox,Dysport and Xeomin the needle is so small a mosquito bite would hurt more.  "At Clear Medical we use very small insulin syringes which in some patients do not even leave a pin mark.  You may feel the pressure of the needle entering the skin's barrier but it does not really hurt from the feedback we get from our patients."

Any tips for finding a good provider to do your injections in Los Angeles? Any resources/screening questions you recommend?

It is important to always inquire about the person who will be injecting you and what their background is.  It is also important to note, Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are brand name products and if you are interested in any of these brands, make sure the provider you are seeking is an authorized facility carrying this specific brand; like Clear Medical.

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