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My Emergency Alert Plan: Covid Style

My Emergency Alert Plan: Covid Style

In the mist of holiday feels I think it is important to recognize those who contribute to our life everyday.  To give thanks and highlight those who are exceptional in support of our individual journeys. May I introduce you to my friend, someone who inspires and motivates me. I wanted to share her wise words and a bit of her "everyday" because Jacqui's truth is much of what many of us feel on the daily. If you have followed my platform then you know how I love highlighting others who excel in the wellness space. Jacqui Burge is that someone.  

Jacqui is a frequent transformative speaker for keynotes, workshops, and seminars in the U.S. and abroad. Founder of Desk Yogi and a well-known corporate wellness consultant, Jacqui shares unique insights that relate powerfully to audiences and transform their ideas around work.
Jacqui often shares her journey from groundbreaking punk rock singer to corporate mindfulness and fitness expert and founder of a tech startup that aims to redefine workplace wellness.

Jacqui created the Ojai-based on-line company Desk Yogi in 2015. Long recognized as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, mom and certified raw food chef, she began her incredible journey as a member of an influential all-female punk rock band, STP. Jacqui also made a name for herself in the high-octane restaurant business in New York City on the management team of several marquee food establishments, eventually returning to the west coast to pursue her health and fitness passion. Jacqui Burge’s mission of offering wellness to everyone that wants it in the spaces they need it most has become her calling card.

Jacqui's Emergency Alert Plan, COVID style. 

It’s time for dinner on a school/work night. My kids are tired. I am tired. We’ve been home mostly since March and that drive to learn a new language, write a book, learn to play classical piano is a fading memory. The truth of being home 24/7 is that I really want to eat a bag of potato chips and watch another Grey’s Anatomy. But I open up my CSA (Community Sustainable Agriculture), with every intention of crafting an organic, gourmet meal with just the right food pyramid proportions — then promptly decide to make Annie’s Organic macaroni and cheese and white toast with butter. I call it the carbo-loading meal (see recipe below). After all, it is the largest part of the food pyramid, right?

Annie’s Microwave Mac and Cheese
Open up package of noodles
Add water
Put in microwave for 3 minutes
Add cheese sauce, stir and serve
White Toast with Butter
Place 2 pieces of bread in toaster
Spread the butter and serve
Bon appétit!

Don’t get me wrong, I love greens. My CSA is just brimming with fresh vegetables every week. And it’s not just greens; there are purple, red, and even orange vegetables, too! It’s really quite a piece of art. Then, as reality sets in, I slowly watch my Van Gogh still life of good intentions rot away in the crisper — along with the mother of the year award.

But shortly after that reality sets in, so does another — my mom truth.
What I’ve noticed, and continue to notice, is how hard mothers are on ourselves. We cut everyone a break, but not the self. I have a full time job, two kids, two dogs, two cats, two cars, a house to take care of, employees, ex-husbands…just writing that sentence made me tired. 

This is not meant to alienate the fathers or the folks without kids. We all have our stressors; we all have our breaking point. I can only share my experience of when I get so close to the ledge — and how I back off with, what I like to call, the Emergency Alert Plan:

  • Take a long lunch, bath, time out.
  • Take a walk.
  • Get into your body with some simple movement sessions.
  • Call a friend — and laugh.
  • If you can’t get away…think again.
  • 5 minutes is all you need, but do it several times a day. Get in the habit of stepping away for a brief time out.

Being a good mom — living a robust life regardless of your circumstances — doesn’t involve being perfect. It just means being honest with yourself, reflect on your needs and cut yourself a break. Only then can we start to real take care and then and only then fulfill the needs of others.

Cheers to your good health and Happy Holidays by friends,


Coleen & Jacqui

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