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Secrets to Washing Your Face Correctly

Secrets to Washing Your Face Correctly

Skincare simple hacks for fresh glowing faces! Essential knowledge at your fingertips -

Washing your face seems so simple right?  

So many of us do this without a care, in what I would consider a very mechanical way.  This is not entirely wrong, but it is not entirely right. Thought and process are certainly something I recommend when attempting to wash and cleanse your skin.  While there are many videos and tutorials out there on how to do this process, what is important to note is that someone else's process is not necessarily your process.  Your skin at different times, may be in need of different cleansing requirements. Let’s take a look closer into what I mean by my previous statement.

If we break facial skincare down simply and look at it this way, you will begin to understand what is needed to adjust your routine accordingly. Love the skin you're in, yes this is a motto I intend to help you achieve.  

Ask yourself a few simple questions:

Do I have a morning and night routine to cleanse my skin, do I need one?

Yes! You absolutely need a day and night routine.  At night, I recommend taking a little more time with making sure you are cleaning, exfoliating, and applying serums and night creams.  At night as an added step, if you have an at home LED light use this to help build collagen, restore and repair any oxidative stress your skin may have experienced throughout your day.  Morning routine is just as important, when you wake up wash with mild nourishing cleanser, a non-stripping formula is best. Wash with warm water always and try not to use harsh exfoliators in the am if possible,. i If you have flakey dry skin I would recommend a gentle exfoliant like Max and Me,, cleanser and mask or Alexandra Wagner White Tiger, cream cleanser and exfoliant.  Both work well for nourishing and banishing flaky skin.

Is the cloth I use to wash my face important?

It makes sense to use the softest cloth you can get your hands on. Many beauty brands sell special washcloths, brushes and sponges.  What I want you to think about is the bacteria factor. Can you wash the cloth or item and fully dry it? If the answer is no, then it’s not ideal for face washing.  You want to always start with clean hands, fresh cleansing product and any cloth or tool you may have to clean with. Without too much pressure massage in your cleanser and rinse and wipe clean.  I recommend patting dry your skin. Depending on the texture of your washcloth you could be creating small abrasions, so dont rub too hard.  

Is your skin always the same every day?

Most of you likely answered NO, as you should.  Weather changes, body chemistry changes, and emotional changes can all affect how your skin might be on any given day.  This also does not account for specific hormonal or food related inflammatory responses your body may be experiencing.  It is uber important to have the right ingredients to accommodate your skins different daily needs.  This is the part that can get overwhelming, I can tell you it does not have to be. A few simple task masters within your skincare regime will ph balance and keep your skin on the mend.

The essentials:

Finding a trusted advisor or provider to guide you in the right choices does not have to cost you an arm and leg!  It’s wonderful to have the technology and resources we have to help guide each other on our own path to beauty. I added a few links to skincare I truly believe in and have seen amazing results with personally.  Many of my clients have also bought and used the trio mentioned above.

Want to know more?  Did you know you can schedule a consultation with me?  Send me a note via messenger to connect. I am here to help.  Hormones can wreak havoc on your skin, I have solutions. I’d love to hear from you.  Most importantly, don’t over strip your skin to see improvement, when you do this you are basically stimulating the skin to OVER produce oil and sebum creating the potential of more breakouts or inflammation.  

Keep it simple,  and your beauty will shine through. Xx

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