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Holiday Picks and Skin Care Tips, Hydrate With Intention Easy as 1,2,3

Holiday Picks and Skin Care Tips, Hydrate With Intention Easy as 1,2,3

Friends, it is time to finalize your holiday lists, get those last minute stocking stuffers and somehow fit in a little self care.  How does this translate for you? Are you taking care of your body? 

Below are a few of my favorite picks to keep your skin in great shape.  Aging gracefully is a mindset, but that does not mean you can't provide your skin the boost it needs to stay firm, and luminous.  Oxidative stress does a number on our skin, making it lifeless, dehydrated, dull and inflamed. Preventing this is always a work in progress. However, Biopelle Tensage growth factors and stem cells will help you realize the full asthenic potential of your skin. 

Think about this: in our 20's environmental damage is high. In our 30's the first signs of aging will begin to appear. In our 40's unfortunately signs of aging increase, especially based on whatever lifestyle and "fun" we have had previously. Then, at 50 you get the idea but we will certainly see what we call significant barrier disfunction.  What this means is our skin's structure and defense become impaired and less able to retain moisture. Collagen and elastin are greatly reduced. Why I mention all this is because depending on the tools in your tool box, you can have a preventative plan at any budget.  

Commitment and consistency are what is most important. If you follow me and have been a SFBLove fan then you know what I am about to say here, SPF is your friend.  Gentle care is also necessary, with some additional maintenance every now and again. I will regularly share these tips and more over the next few months. 

A great treatment I recommend at least 4x's a year is Tensage Intensive Serum 40 taking lackluster skin to luminous glowing firm goddess skin. Visible improvement within 24 hrs of use.  I also recommend this regimen for special occasion photos and events. 

Hydrate and repair with my #2 best recommendation, Biopelle's Advanced Cream Moisture. A highly-emollient, richly textured cream ideal for normal to dry skin. Mature skin loves this product, I love it for extreme cold dry environments and super hot dry climates too.

Sculptpatch Sculpt Patch Holiday Christmas

It goes with out saying our bodies take a toll during the holiday season and especially in 2020. COVID had really given us perspective on taking care of our bodies and health.  #3 on my list of best holiday picks is Sculptpatch. This is a revolutionary time-released body sculpting, immune support patch. So simple and effective, it delivers natural, organic ingredients for real results. With this 90 day supply your body will thank you. Just a few reasons I LOVE this:

  • Formulated To Support Fat-loss Procedures
  • Reduces Appetite
  • Improves Energy Levels
  • Supports Immune System
  • Helps Lymphatic System in Removing Dead Fat Cells
  • Reduces Inflammation 

I can honestly say both men and women are seeing fabulous results.  The reviews are awesome.  

Last but NOT least on my lists of goodies to repair and restore may I suggest Cream No Sugar - because with holiday season comes indulgence so why not support your skin with this expert cream.

Cream No Sugar moisturizes the skin while helping to repair and protect against glycation damage. Glycation damage comes from sugars within our diet that can attack healthy skin cells causing skin to look sallow and yellowed. This night cream helps repair and replenish skin for a youthful appearance.

May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. The Skinfoodbodylove team wishes you all the best for a prosperous 2021. Stay safe and well my friends.

Cheers to your good health,



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Skin Changing Technology, get yours today!

Skin Changing Technology, get yours today!

Sculptpatch Body Sculpting Innovation Designed To  Fit Your Lifestyle

Sculptpatch Body Sculpting Innovation Designed To Fit Your Lifestyle

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My Emergency Alert Plan: Covid Style

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