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Heart-centered Support For Your Healing Journey

Heart-centered Support For Your Healing Journey

All about Ashley!

Friends, it brings me great joy to share a little about someone who is incredibly special.  I enjoy using my platform to highlight the great experiences I have come to treasure.  Ashley is one such person you will seek out to "experience" her good vibes. 

Ashley Berry Ojai

Ashley's educational background, which includes a unique combination of Western clinical training and consistent study of alternative and holistic healing practices, has afforded her  the ability to create a safe space for clients to explore a wide range of wellness-related concerns in ways that are heart-centered and self-guided. In her approach, she believes her clients are the ultimate authority over their own lives and healing journeys and her role is simply to be a humble guide.

I am excited to let you know she will be doing a guest blog in October and I can't wait to see what she will be sharing with our community. 

To learn more about Ashley and her practice: 

Cheers to your good health!



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