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Everyday Household Items for Skin and Hair Care Solutions

Everyday Household Items for Skin and Hair Care Solutions

Everyday household items for skin and hair care solutions

Using these everyday life hacks may boost the natural beauty and health of your skin and hair. Kitchen staples are my go to and can be combined or used alone in different combinations to reach your desired beauty need. 

Olive oil

Made up of fatty acids and antioxidants, olive oil is a widely used in the DIY beauty world. Used in hair, olive oil protects each strand by coating it in a protective layer. It may also reduce the appearance of damaged hair. For scalp use you can mix with lemon juice (1:1:1, lemon juice: olive oil: water), this solution can eradicate flakes and moisturize a dry scalp. Olive oil serves as the perfect base for any hair mask you may want to create, simply allow the mixture to sit for about ten minutes (blow dry, if desired) and wash it out to reveal beautiful luscious locks.

Coffee + Sugar Scrub 

You’ve probably seen these two ingredients gracing the beauty aisles, so simple and fun to make your own. Both coffee and sugar are wonderful exfoliants, especially because they are able to break down naturally, rather than those environment-harming micro-beads. Coffee is high in antioxidants, and when rubbed on the skin they can fight the signs of aging at the source. Coffee also has been proven to help with the appearance of cellulite. Try this sugar  body scrub recipe below:

Body Scrub 

-6 tablespoons ground coffee

-4 tablespoons olive oil 

-2 tablespoons sugar 

Mix and store in a jar. Use as a scrub as needed all over the body.

( lasts up to 7 days in an airtight container)


Apple Cider Vinegar

If you haven’t incorporated ACV into your diet and beauty routine, you have some catching up to do! ACV is shown to improve digestion, kill bacteria, and help with nixing stubborn belly fat. Did you know, ACV can be used as a toner, to restore pH, and to provide sunburn relief? 


One of my favorite “Dry Hair remedies”

-2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (preferably organic, with “the mother” – strains of good bacteria)

-4 tablespoons water

-6 tablespoons honey

-2 tablespoons olive oil

Mix evenly and apply to hair and scalp. Leave hair mask on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cool to lukewarm water. Say hello to beautiful hair!


Coleen Janeway is a beauty expert, writer, editor and skinfood chef. Former owner of her own successful medical spa, Ms. Janeway has managed other wellness brands and medical practices in Los Angeles, she has been in the business of health and wellness long enough to understand what is hype and what is truth. Ms. Janeway cuts through the confusing, glittery mess and peels back the layers of superficial to reveal what is real and effective, in turn helping her clients set and achieve attainable goals by simplifying food and skincare.


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