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Best Kept Secrets For Skin Renewal And Slowing The Aging Process

Best Kept Secrets For Skin Renewal And Slowing The Aging Process

Giving your skin a chance in the game of daily living is how you can achieve best results for optimal cellular renewal.  Ever wonder why some people just have a luminosity about their skin? I like to think of skincare from a holistic and root cause scenario.  Sure one can focus on a superficial treatment for say a pimple and just treat the area with a topical cream to clear it up, but would it not be nice to understand what is causing your skin to break out? For example, do you experience excessive dryness? 

If you focus on the following practices, you are sure to see incredible improvement to your skin's texture and it’s overall health. The benefits will extend beyond just your face, keeping your entire body healthy and aging less.

H2O - #1 priority for skin health, inside and out.  You all know the recommended number of glasses you should be drinking and I get flack every time I bring this up to people. There is always an excuse as to why there is no time to drink water!  I say make it fun, create your own spa waters, add Rose essence to your water, something nurturing to your soul that will encourage you to drink more. The benefits are endless. Besides helping keep things hydrated, it will help your kidneys function better keeping the filters of your body armed and at your defense. Externally, have you considered the temps in which you wash your face or shower? Remember that too hot can also not be great for your skin. Over washing can create additional problems and irritations.  For instance, if you wash too much and strip your skin of its lipid barrier, you can dehydrate, irritate or induce additional oil production, this is your skin's way of protecting itself. In some cases people will experience more breakouts from over washing. Look for calming cleansers like StartingUp by Prescribed Solutions to wash daily with.  StartingUp is packed with antioxidants and two exfoliating acids, AHA and Salicylic. .These will gently cleanse, hydrate and prep the skin for your treatment serums or creams. 

Skinfoodbodylove Skin Care Sculptpatch

REST - #2 priority in skincare. I will just say if you are not getting enough sleep a fatigued body can never fully recover or rebuild.  Skin suffers with the lack of sleep, your cells can not rebuild optimally and collagen will not be able to rebuild, oxidation will take hold and aging will occur. 

HORMONE IMBALANCES - #3 Hormones are a blessing but if not monitored and managed properly can be the direct result of skin issues. My recommendation here is to seek out a qualified herbalist, osteopath or traditional MD that can help you balance your hormones based on age, gender and lifestyle. Incredibly, we have amazing resources these days to support hormonal health.  If you're like me and also have the added complexity of an auto-immune disease, these professionals can guide you to a clearer path of treatments.  I have experienced major skin improvements once I  figured out the triggers of my auto-immune and how to manage those through diet, supplements and lifestyle. 

REPLENISH and TREAT - #4 Join the self love club, evaluate where you are in your body and set goals for where you want to be. Take a moment not just to educate yourself on skincare but to understand your skin “care”.  Something that works for your sister or BFF might not be the right regimen for you. Listen to what your skin is telling you, treat and restore based on those conditions . Just like the change of seasons skin has to adapt to its environment. Climate and environment greatly affect the choices you should make for your skin. A wonderful must have cream I could not live without is Cream No Sugar by Prescribed Solutions. It has anti-glycation properties and restores and nourishes your skin with lasting effect. One quick fix solution for dehydrated skin is our Aqua Gel Peptide Masks. A leading sheet mask favorite. These can be used am and pm or before a special day for the best hydrating and plumping face hack. 

Skin Secrets Skinfoodbodylove Sculptpatch

RINSE and REPEAT - #5 Yes, the key here is consistency and repeating the steps to success. Lifestyle does play a role in aging. Remember you are unique and deciding your course of action should be something custom tailored to your skin's needs. Do your product research and know what your body positively responds to.  My last and final shout out is to a product I have come to love, Sculptpatch honestly this little patch has wowed me.  Not only is it one of my best sellers and customer favorite but it is a personal favorite of mine.  I am seeing great results in my energy levels and I can say I do not really have the urge to snack as much as I had prior to starting using these time-released patches daily. I am seeing a flatter tummy and slimming in the waist area.  Let me know if you have questions about this exciting new product.

Cheers to your good health!

Coleen Xx

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